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Performance is a function of knowledge you attain, disciplined practice you do and the techniques you learn. It is like a FLYWHEEL. When all 3 work, you again momentum and score high. The SCORES thus attained are a stepping stone for academic progress. We work with you on all the 3 aspects and make sure you have everything to perform on the day it matters


We believe that knowledge is acquired in school. However, many students want to supplement this knowledge and some want to acquire it before school classes. Knowledge acquired will always give you that extra confidence which is of great importance in handling a Math exam.

Disciplined Practice

This is the best friend of Math. The more you practice the better you get. We give high focus to discipline. Our programmes offer learning and opportunity to perform, every week. We make sure  you are never out of touch.

Exam Techniques

This is the X factor which makes the difference between achievement and excellence. At Quantics you will learn about very important things like – how to take the exam, which questions to handle first, how to manage your time, how to build intellectual stamina and many such things. They will make a huge difference when you are trying to inch up on the ladder.

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Amar Rathore
Amar Rathore
07:02 20 May 20
From day one of the classes, the very approach to solving problems has been done in a professional manner and above... that, it has been altered to my skill level making sure that the method is understandable and not too fast or too slow. Quantics does a great job at this and finally, helps the student understand how to approach the problems with respect to the board the student is studying. For me it was the IB board and I was given examples from how questions might come the “IB” way and this I believe is one of the most important things and Quantics achieves to do very more
14:59 19 May 20
Quantics has been a great experience. I have learnt a lot, the teaching environement and facilties given were... excellent. My scores in mathematics have rised from a 3 to a 7. Overall very very satisfiedread more
Jeo Kork
Jeo Kork
11:57 19 May 20
akhilendra sabherwal
akhilendra sabherwal
20:57 07 May 20
It's a very good place for classes. Especially online classes.The technology used is amazing and it makes it really... easy to understand.The teacher is amazing.Overall very satisfiedread more
Rohini Rode
Rohini Rode
14:33 26 Jan 20
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