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1st June (Mon) to 29th June (Mon)
1. Monday/Wednesday/Friday – 11am to 12.30pm


15th June (Mon) to 13th July (Mon)
1. Monday/Wednesday/Friday – 2pmto 3.30pm

Group Size :
Approx 3 students
Fees :
Rs 20,000 for 24 hours

Every student will get one individual class of 1hour after the course.

IB Diploma is a very challenging programme. As you move from MYP/IGCSE/CBSE to IB DP, a lot changes! It’s the year to shape your career, build your profile, score well and prepare for admission to prestigious universities. What you do in next 18 months will impact your life in next 18 years+.

The Diploma programme requires both width of knowledge and depth of expertise. To top it all students are tested for 2 years combined course.

So one thing you will surely not have enough is TIME ! Thus make use of summer holidays to the maximum and press the pedal for early preparation.
Join my course and I can help you build your foundation for DP Math ! 

Develop understanding and skills in key topics and move towards achieving a 7 in DP.

24 hour course is spread over the month of June and covers topics common to AI and AA. 
Specifically we will cover – 
a) Sequences and Series from Numbers & Algebra
b) Quadratic Equations from Functions
c) Right Angled Trigonometry from Geometry & Trigonometry
d) Central tendency, Dispersion, Variance, Standard Deviation from Probability & Statistics

1. Concepts will be covered in detail as per units defined by IB.
2. Practice will be done using questions from past papers and from leading text      books/websites
3. Online Classes using Webex/Skype platform
4. Instructor will use WACOM hardware for best and effective teaching