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About The Course

Classes :
Weekend Course, 20hrs (10 sessions of 2 hrs each) + 4*1 hr
Every Sat and Sun from 25th July to 23rd August
Options :
1. Sat and Sun 11am to 1pm
2. Sat and Sun 4pm to 6pm

Group Size :
Approx 3 students
Fees :
Rs 20,000 for 24 hours

Every student will get one individual class of 1 hour after the course.

Congratulations for making it to final year of DP ! 
The year will pass really fast and you will be excelling in variety of things.
Working for high predicted scores, internal assessments, extended essay, theory of knowledge,
university applications etc. will test your mettle for peak performance.
You are no less than an athlete in class 12th and for best results, start training early !
Join my course and I can help you build your foundation in some key Math topics.

Develop understanding and skills in key topics and move towards achieving a 7 in DP.

24 hour course is spread over the month of June and covers topics common to AI and AA. 
Specifically we will cover – 
a) Probability, Venn Diagrams
b) Conditional Probability, Probability Distributions
c) Calculus – Limits, rate of Change
d) Differentiation, Integration, Optimisation
e) Students will take weekly 1 test of 1 hr each.

1. Concepts will be covered in detail as per units defined by IB
2. Practice will be done using questions from past papers and from leading text books/websites
3. Online Classes using Webex/Skype platform
4. Instructor will use WACOM hardware for best and effective teaching